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Installation Staff

Wood - Pellet - Gas - Ductless Mini Split

Free Standing - Insert - Zero Clearance

There is a whole lot to understand regarding installation of a new appliance

In most cases, with your permission, we will come to your home prior to choosing the option that is right for you.


Many parts of the puzzle come together once we have seen your application. This allows us to make sure we are giving you the best option to fit your needs. Each home is different. Each customer expectations and goals are different. We apply our 34 plus years of experience to help you make the right choice for your home and your family.


The installation process is 100% handled by Rainbow Hearth & Home from start to finish. No need to look for anyone else to help you get the job done.


Have a desire to do the job yourself? We will help you with that process too! 

For those customers who purchase their unit elsewhere and need installation, we can usually help. However, our customers who purchase from us will always come first regarding our installation schedule. As the days and nights cool off, our installation and service schedule,


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