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Our Story

June 1990 is when Rainbow Hearth & Home opened its doors to the public.


Since that time a whole lot of things have changed in our industry, in or the products we offer and how this all relates to the Shasta County AQMD (Air Quality Management District). Our job is to navigate those changes to make sure what we offer is complainant, effective for your situation, and in the end the right choice for you.


What has not changed in all that time is the Savard Family ownership. Same folks, same name.

(Rainbow Hearth & Home), since 1990.


We continue to do the best job we know how in the Hearth Products and when it comes to Mini Splits for our customers. This also extends to our Custom designed Outdoor Fire Features, Backyard Kitchens.

Our service area includes all Northern Calif. From Corning to the Oregon Border.

Over all those years, we have thousands of satisfied customers we call friends. We invite you to our family at Rainbow Hearth & Home.


Stop by and have a chat, or just warm your backside by one of the fires we always have going in the wintertime.


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